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Service Innovation- OTT service provider.

We studied and analyzed an international Over The Top (OTT) service provider streaming content provider that allows subscribers to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries and more on a wide range of Internet-connected devices. It is world’s leading internet television network with over 100 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day

Objective - To increase the customer base and come up with new revenue streams and services to attract new customers and improve customer satisfaction.

So to solve the above-mentioned challenge, we took the latest approach of problem-solving that is design thinking. To understand the current situation of this particular sector, we did thorough sector analysis and segmentation of the OTT service provider. We did in-depth secondary research to understand the company, its products and services, its target market and its current revenue streams. Competitor analysis was one of the major tools we used. We compare the top 3 players of this industry on 4 major parameters. The business model canvas was the tool to understand 9 different parameters of the company such as key resources, value proposition, cost and revenue structure etc. Detail stakeholder mapping is done to understand parties involved in the ecosystem. Understanding current process flow is one of the crucial parts of this project, as many of the times processes may have some issues which lead to customer dissatisfaction. Empathy is the major part of design thinking,so the next step was to understand the current users, their experiences, their stories, their pain points. We empathized with approximately 250+users across all the target groups. We collected primary data by asking questions, by telling stories and seeking a reply, through games and activities. The user journey map was the output of this research. After collecting the data, we converted that raw data into actionable insights and listed major pain points the customers are facing. The pain points were -

  1. Not much payment/subscription options to explore

  2. Costly subscription model compared to other OTT services

  3. Unavailability of Live Streaming Service

  4. Viewing options are limited to 4k,not many options explored

  5. Minimum Regional Content for the Indian Consumers

  6. All content is paid and no change in their business model Understanding these minute issues is possible because of design thinking approach.

After detailed brainstorming, for hours our team came up with a below full proof solution -

  1. Modified process flow to eliminate flaws in the current one.

  2. Pay-per-view service

  3. Tie-ups with local music streaming and e-commerce platforms

  4. Live Streaming Service and 3D viewing option for Smart TVs

  5. Exploring Regional Content for the Indian Consumers

  6. Freemium

  7. Company goodies

  8. Sponsor college and sports events


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