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Innovation Consulting

According to the McKinsey Global Innovation Survey, though 86% of executives agree innovation is key for growth strategy, only 6% are satisfied with the innovative efforts of their company. So, companies need innovative strategies and supporting team of consultants.

Dthinq consultants are here with our expertise in innovation consulting.

Innovation consulting is the practice of providing advice and direction to businesses and
organizations looking to implement new growth and business strategies. Our expertise innovation and design strategy. Design Strategy is the term used to describe the nexus between corporate strategy and design thinking. We also serve in the areas of product innovation, service innovation, design thinking problem solving, Business Model innovation, Behavioural design etc.

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Product / Service Design 


Behavioural Design


Customer Experience Design


Business Model Innovation

Why Dthinq ?

We have a set of professional consultants who have in depth experience in consulting. All our
consultants have education background of consulting and exposure to different sectors which helps in using analogies of different sectors in others to come up with out of the box solutions. We provide unique blend of both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Our Role


  • Solve complex problems

  • Reveal and fix broken processes

  • Clarify your client’s vision

  • Explore new ways of doing business

  • Identify new growth strategies

  • Provide a fresh perspective

  • Uncover opportunities to build new business

  • New product prototypes and testing

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