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Playhouse of Design Thinkers

We share a drive to solve today’s challenges through Design Thinking & Innovation. Together with curious customers we design meaningful solutions that they love. We believe that breakaway enterprises do things differently, they design human centric, imagination led experiences that captivate our senses. Design influences cultures which shape values and values, in turn, define our future. Dthinq is a group of friends, each with specific skills, that motivate each other to be brave, discover, challenge, make mistakes, learn, create, and play. We build the confidence of our customers to embrace uncertainty and complexity. We want to create an impact by not only helping our customers but also serving the social systems by creating new and better solutions. This is why we are the playhouse of Design Thinkers.

Our Vision

To embed customer centricity and innovative culture across the globe. Putting thoughts into action for the betterment of business, society and all stakeholders by making Dthinq a worldclass service provider.

Core Values

  • Empathy

  • Sustainable Development

  • We>I & People>Process

  • Integrity

  • Dynamic Thought Process



A small group of MBA graduates, learning, enjoying together in college are now challenging the status quo to improve businesses by solving problems with the common pursuit of making the world a better place! 

Our team consists of people having versatile background and experience in different domains and industries. Our consultants have expertise and hands on application in design thinking. We have experience in Consulting, Information Technology, Retail, Manufacturing and other sectors as well as having knowledge about analytics, frameworks, problem solving tools. Our team also has an in-depth functional knowledge of Marketing, Operations, HR and Project management.

Let our experts help you fulfill your dreams for a better future!         

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